Something Old, Something New

I stop in people’s lives for a while
and I walk away leaving bits of my heart
God I am Hansel
and I am Gretel
and every time I masturbate
this incest is forcefully pulled from my lips
I smoke my fingers with no filter
from the corner of my tongue you can draw smiles
that others will wear
I keep my wardrobe shut
so no one knows I house my skeleton there
this skin is held up by flaws alone
the infrastructure inside is wobbly
I am a derelict building in the back of your head
under the memory of a lover
and the taste of your mother’s hurtful words

I wage personal wars
with things from the past
I taught you how to breathe
when your lungs were tiny
and I tapped my finger on your chest
made your heart beat with my fingerprint
later you inhaled me whole
and I am now a derelict building in the back of your head

there is a brush stroke where your hair has been
on the bed in my heart
and my walls have dressed in your colour
how fitful is this plane of togetherness
where we never stood at the same time
by the sea and the sea
and its seas are my whores
to fuck as I please with my memories of smile
your mother’s hurtful words have touched me as well
because I feel by extension
you are the tendon next to my heel
you are Achilles and his thin legs
before he was bathed in the river
all vulnerable and diseased

find me in the mythology of us
where I bathed you in the river of my tears
keep me on the cliff where you lost your kin
where the wind crumbled your hair
and I reached for your head
I taught you how to breathe and you blew
like the wind and I was hair
and I was crumbled by the hurricane
that is your lips
when you whistled storms on me
I wage personal wars
silently I hate on my foes
and half an hour before dawn I find
I’m fighting myself