B’estfest 2013

So this happened. I had honestly been waiting for this for a long time, especially since Katy bought us tickets ages ago, when they were still cheaper and apart from Greece, this is all we’ve been waiting for. As opposed to previous years, I actually manned up and went for all three evenings, because I missed concerts and the great feeling I get whenever I attend this kind of events. With the major turn off that kids on drugs kind of killing my mood, I will focus on the good parts.

Texas. Texas was a major thing. The biggest thing. I grew up listening to that band; I honestly don’t know who listened to Texas in my family, or how I managed to grow up knowing their songs, but the second I reached that first row and held on for dear life to the metal bar, I was happy. Not to mention how fucking brilliant it was to have Spiteri casually say her guitar was fucked. I breathed and lived through that concert. She mentioned how she had too much whiskey at one point before writing a song and I swear you could hear my happy yell all the way to fucking Hell. Because whiskey and fuck you, that’s why. I screamed “In Demand” louder than anybody else (or so it seemed) because that song means so much to me and even more because Alan Rickman is brilliant in it (as he always is). And I swear none of the members of Texas expected to have such a large fan base in Romania. Not to mention the ages of those people, whom I felt close to for the simple reason that they all screamed their lungs out.

Long story short, this was a success. Minus the 12 year old kids on drugs. That sucked.


P.S. I fucking love concerts.

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