E Is For Extremely Emerald

She says
I got into Sussex and I say
I told you so, you stupid bitch
She’s crying on my shoulder
And I feel a part of me
The better one, the polite one,
The one who sees over everyone’s heads
All the way into the future
I feel a part of me
The one that’s shortsighted
And calls me at eight in the morning
And says Jo, Jo I can’t find my glasses because
I can’t see without my glasses
So come help me please?
The one who says sorry before telling me
To fuck off
I feel that part of me hugging me from the inside
The way love does when it spreads
Like alcohol in my veins
And gets to my head.
I’m silently wondering if this is what
Happiness is.
She says
I got into Sussex and I say
I’ve never been so proud of someone baby
I drink her drinks as well because
She’s got work the next day.
She says
I love you
And I say
I love you more.
We argue about it for a few minutes
But none of us wins because
We weren’t competing in the first place.

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