200 – 2

When he grabbed the back of my neck, I thought I was going to swoon. Not like a Disney princess, but like a spent whore. I had to look up to see his smile, and it made me want to kneel and choke. I got Chivas in my car, he said. What, do you drink and drive, I asked. He pulled my hair and made me look him fully in the eyes. No, he said. No, I drink and fuck. I laughed. Have you ever had your dick sucked when you were doing 180 on the fucking highway? He closed his eyes for a minute.

When he finally stopped the car, my heart was racing faster than his midlife crisis car was minutes before. I was only half a good girl, and when he could speak again he pointed it out. I only got home two days later, with rope burns and a newfound appreciation for cushioned seats. I never saw him again, but he called me once. He told me he’s a dad now. I told him I can do second gen as well.

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