200 – 7

Tell me you love me, he said. I was peeling potatoes in a rare display of my housewife side. He was an occasional thing, a rather interesting distraction when I had to wait for my love to come home. He said it again and this time I laughed. I enjoy your dick, I replied, nothing more. He pouted. Stood behind me and hugged me. His hands held on to my tits. That’s a shame, he said. I’d give you everything you ever wanted.

I turned in his embrace. Can you bring him home faster, I asked. He sighed. You crazy bitch, he offered affectionately. You stupid girl, he kept saying. I could love you like no one else ever will, he told me.

I pulled his head back, bit his neck. How about you eat my food and fuck me well, and I might consider going out with you once, I asked. He snorted. If you do that thing you always do, he started, his hands on my ass, I’ll do whatever you want.

I smiled. Dinner was late that night, but my love returned early. I don’t know if it was the other proving his love, but it worked.

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