you’re like a disease like
i went to the nurse for a scrape 
and she says you’ve got this condition  
yes i can see it all over your face
and i gasp dear god would you like
to take some of my blood 
and she laughs like
what do you want me to do with it dearie 
we don’t need sick blood 
please lady what do i then
she says there’s no cure 
sometimes time works like a balm and 
it goes away then 
it comes back 
like a wave it licks
at the shore of your heart
see this line on your forehead right here
where your eyebrows come together a little
that’s a sign
your skin is sallow i can see the dark circles
clearly like halos you’re almost an angel 
i’m almost dead i counter and she laughs 
cough on this blank paper
i do and she nods
i knew it look here’s the poetry 
if you cry your tears will smell like sad 
if you laugh your lips will crack 
lady please take my soul away i don’t 
want it anymore 
and she pats my hair all the way 
down to my waist 
what do you want me to do with it dearie
we don’t need lovesick souls 
we’re full